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Episode 28: “An inside look at 4x growth” with Todd Poynton

In episode 28 of the Create With Us podcast, we unpack the marketing strategies Todd Poynton used to grow Alliance into one of Florida’s top five insurance agencies, offering home, auto, health, business, and more.

Todd has over 15 years of experience in the marketing space.
From websites and online lead generation to running call centers and building out software to close leads efficiently,
Todd is truly a master of marketing and business growth.

Todd has also been a long-time friend and partner of our team at Create Studios.

You can learn more about Alliance at and connect with Todd at

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Episode 27: “Hiring the Best Talent” with D.A. Longhi

In episode 27 of the “Create With Us” podcast, D.A. Longhi from American Recruiting & Consulting talks about hiring and sourcing the right talent.

Part of growing your business means having the right talent. Many top CEOs and leaders credit their employees as their most vital asset.

Sourcing top talent can be a burdensome process, and that’s where a recruiting firm comes in.

D.A. Longhi and the American Recruiting & Consulting team are long-time friends and partners of our marketing agency Create Studios.

In this episode, D.A. unpacks the right way to go about finding the top talent for your organization.

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Episode 26: “Buying and growing a medical practice” with Jose Delgado

In episode 26 of the Create With Us podcast, we sit down with serial entrepreneur Jose Delgado. Jose and our team met through his latest venture a psychiatric practice. In this episode, we unpack Jose’s experience of buying a building a business outside of his expertise.

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Episode 25: “Marketing Funnels That Convert” with Dawn Apuan

In Episode 25 of the “Create With Us” podcast, we welcome Dawn Marie Apuan, an expert copywriter and funnel strategist.

She helps coaches create compelling copy that moves people to buy using a funnel to automate leads and sales.

Her mission is to help entrepreneurs sell out even their most expensive offers with messaging that brilliantly captures their voice to attract dream clients without costing them time and energy creating it.

Grab her free 15 Proven Copy Keys for High Ticket Sales at

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Episode 24: “Marketing from the Inside Out” with Frankie Fihn

Frankie Fihn is the author of the book Beyond The Agency Box.

He has been in digital marketing since 2007. He is an entrepreneur, shaman, speaker, author, and world traveler.

He has been featured with the world’s number one marketer Jay Abraham.

He has also written for several magazines, he has been featured in numerous podcasts and articles, and he has spoken on stages all across the world.

His approach covers lifestyle design, asset creation, client selection, leverage, and spirituality.

Learn more about Frankie’s work at

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Episode 23: “Lessons from 25 Years in Advertising” with Mike Fox

In Episode 23 of the “Create With Us” podcast, we welcome Mike Fox, a 25-year ad agency veteran and founder of the Mullingar Group.

Mike’s diverse experience includes serving as president of Trone Advertising, one of the Southeast’s largest marketing agencies, and as an adjunct professor at Wake Forest University.

In this episode, we unpack the timeless marketing principles that Mike has uncovered over the years after brand messaging, how to mine customer insights and marketing in your niche.

Connect with Mike:

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Jeff Venn

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Jeff Venn is a life architect, digital agency owner, and mentor to young entrepreneurs. He founded Create Studios in 2005 and started the Create With Us Podcast at the beginning of 2021. He likes to find interesting people and unearth their stories. Check out to learn more about what Jeff is passionate about.

Stephanie Giera

Show Host

As Creative Director at Create Studios, Steph uses her 15 years of experience in marketing and branding to produce truly astounding results for our clients and excellent branding across all Create Studios platforms and channels. She’s a creative genius, a bohemian mama of three, and a lover of art.

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