Episode 08: “Shaping Your Audience” with Deborah Finestone

In this episode, Jeff and Brett welcome in Deborah Finestone from Finestone Marketing Solutions to talk social media marketing, shaping messages for your audience, and her entreprenuerial journey. For more from Deborah, head over to the Finestone Marketing page and check out her work for yourself!

Episode 07: “Turmeric, Tequila and Branding” with Kristen Olson

Kristen Olson runs a marketing and branding agency, hosts a podcast, and is a former top crossfit competitor.

In this “Create With Us” podcast episode 07, we’ll dive into the marketing and branding change Kristen has been a part of in the fitness and wellness space. She’s helping smaller, authentic brands find success in a space previously ruled by corporate behemoths.

Episode 06: “Dream Big and Refine” with Michael Woodward

In this episode, our hosts Brett and Jeff welcome in Michael Woodward of JumbleThink to talk about keys to success on his entrepreneurial journey and more! Michael is the host of the JumbleThink podcast, which helps dreamers, makers, innovators, and influencers dream big and to refine their ideas. For more from Michael, head over to JumbleThink.com and check out the podcast!

Episode 05: “Affording the Freedom” with Erin Halper

Today the CWU crew is joined by Erin Halper from “The Upside” to discuss building a respectable practice for consistent clients and how to help afford them the freedom of working when, where and how they want to work. Prior to launching The Upside, Erin built a 7-year independent consulting career providing marketing expertise to her private equity, real estate investor and hedge fund clients, collectively resulting in more than $3 billion in outside funding and deal sourcing.

Episode 04: “Profit First” with Rocky Lalvani

Rocky helps business owners maximize their business’ PROFIT so that they have the time and freedom to do what they love.

He’s a business coach using the methodology from the well-known book “Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine”. For more from Rocky, be sure to check out https://profitcomesfirst.com.

Episode 03: “ADA Compliance and Accessibility” with Tony Caggiano

Our hosts Brett and Jeff welcome Tony Caggiano, AKA The ADA Comply Guy to the show.

After 30 years as an Entrepreneur, Tony has seen his share of success and failure but his biggest secret to success is giving back to others. He does this now with his ADA Compliance software to help make the Internet more accessible for everyone.

Episode 02: “The Value of Video Marketing” with Kristin Jekielek

Our hosts Brett and Jeff welcome Kristin Jekielek to the show to talk about the power of video for SEO and conversions, as well as her entrepreneurial journey.

Kristen owns Value Video Marketing, and delivers videos designed with business growth in mind. She works with companies looking to simply and effectively communicate complex ideas, offerings, & thought leadership through video marketing.

Episode 01: “Expert Business Coaching” with Blake Binns

Our hosts Brett and Jeff welcome Blake Binns to the show to talk about entrepreneurship, his “Good Advice” podcast, and keys to scaling and growing your business.

Be sure to check out the Good Advice Patreon at Patreon.com/GoodAdvice to support Blake’s podcast!

Episode 00: “About the Show” with Jeff Venn

In this pilot episode, our ensemble of show hosts Brett Barley, Stephanie Giera, and Jeff Venn introduce themselves and dive into what to expect from the show moving forward.